Achieving Zen With Auto Layout (2nd Edition)


Auto Layout is the future of laying out your user interfaces on Apple's macOS and iOS platforms. While powerful, Auto Layout also comes with a fairly steep learning curve that can cause headaches for many developers.

Justin Williams aims to demystify Auto Layout for you by building a foundation based on the history of Auto Layout, its key terminology, and real-world applications of its power in an easy to read eBook.

What's Covered

  • An introduction to Auto Layout
  • The history of Auto Layout
  • How Auto Layout works behind the scenes
  • Key terminology to achieve zen
  • Mastering constraints in Interface Builder 
  • Dealing with ambiguity and conflicting constraints
  • Working with localization
  • Size Classes and Auto Layout
  • Layout Guides
  • Layout Anchors
  • Working with margins
  • Animation
  • Debugging constraints


If you’re an iOS or Mac developer, “Achieving Zen With Auto Layout” book is essential reading. — Nik Fletcher

Just learned about Justin’s book “Achieving Zen With Auto Layout” & couldn’t hit the buy button fast enough: — John Fox

One of the best explanations of Auto Layout I've seen for sure. — Jeremiah Palmer 
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Achieving Zen With Auto Layout (2nd Edition)